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Bollywood Dance Classes in Montreal
A dance class with Veronic is a restaurative, inspiring experience, and a Bollywood class, pure joy. It is not just that the Bollywood rhythms are irresistible, but that Vero is an accomplished dancer and a serious teacher who knows the body and takes care of her students. Her class includes warmup, routines and a cool down, carefully paced and brilliantly developed. We are lucky to have this here in Montreal. — Abbey S. I have rediscovered dance with Veronic! She takes you beyond just the performance, and invites us into her playful world that is centered around the joy of simply just dancing. Her passion is contagious and her teaching approach unique. In class, she inspires us with her words, and encourages us to savour every movement...each class is a delight! — Catherine B.

Learn to Dance Bollywood, Just Like in the Movies!

​ Looking for an energizing workout in Montreal? Discover modern Bollywood dance—a magnificient, and fun fitness activity for both adults and children. ​

Vero brings you a unique approach to learning Bollywood dance that'll keep you moving and is open to all skill levels (beginners are welcome!). ​

Why go to the gym when you can get in shape to the joyous and positive rhythms of India? Forget about your stress, build your energy, improve your flexibility, coordination and balance and have fun at the same time!

Don't worry if you're not familiar with Bollywood dance moves, as Vero will guide you step-by-step into this colourful, and playful world! Each class consists of a warmup, technique exercises, and a short choreography set to popular Bollywood movie songs—perfect for dancers of all skill levels. So whether you're a pro or a beginner, express yourself to your own rhythm, literally dance from head to toe, and discover the energy, elegance and beauty of Bollywood dance.
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Vero Bollywood dance classes are organic and accessible to all. All you need is the motivation to move and/or to discover something new. If you're interested in private group lessons, a fun fitness activity for an event (Birthdays, Bachelorettes, Corporate Events) or a specialized workshop focused on dance techniques, drop me an email! Classes and workshops are flexible and created to adapt to what you're looking for.

Thank you to all participants of my dance classes and workshops over all these years. It's beautiful to see people discover new things about themselves and to share positive energy through dance.

In the Media

July 21 2017 Véro and Bollywood films in LA PRESSE+ -- Phénomène Bollywood à Montréal
Article published in La Presse+ on the Bollywood phenomenon in cinemas in Montreal. During the interview, Véro participates and recommends four Bollywood films to the readers! (in French)

March 2017 Véro in LA PRESSE+ on Dance Choreography « Le plaisir des chorégraphies ».
Article published in La Presse+ on why professional dancers, dance instructors and people who dance for fun, love dance choreography even of different dance styles. "Dance is a way to celebrate life through movement." -- Veronic Morin. (in French)

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